Zombies in History

Fade to black
The end?

And their portal seemed to lead to nowhere, darkness abounded in all directions.


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Found and Lost
The Fall of Theodosia

After spending the night at Khordeh’s lodgings, the group awoke to the magical call of Denarch Artiopus summoning them to the docks. Regrettably Ailsa and Dreoilin had both been rendered unfit to serve by a local flu and so were sent to the care of the dock’s medics.

The Akhed had been found and the party would be sent aboard through the use of a teleportation circle inside of the dockmaster’s tower. After the party had captured the ship a byzantine crew would come aboard using the same mechanism and sail the ship back to Theodosia.

As soon as the crew was on board the Akhed the battle began. A lone prisoner was on deck who Teague promptly freed at the start of the battle. The crew of the Akhed was dispatched, with one crew member diving overboard. The prisoner introduced himself as Sergei Zakharov, a mystic whose ship traveling out of Egypt had been attacked by the pirates. Denarch Artiopus and a crew of byzantine soldiers came aboard and permitted the party to keep anything they found aboard the ship as a reward.

The during trip back to Theodosia Sergei told Teague and Khordeh some of his background and discussed his reasons for traveling, the legendary philosopher’s stone. The remainder of the trip was largely uneventful and took six days. Upon arrival the town seemed to be in an odd state, the docks were abandoned and several parts of the city seemed to be in flames. The Akhed docked and the crew and party made their way to the Dockmaster’s tower to use the scrying pool there to figure out what happened. Khordeh operated the scrying pool, and through it the party learned of the fate of the city. Though the city had been ravaged, no looting had taken place. This was explained when the invading horde was found, a massive army of zombies. Khordeh attempted to scry to find out who was contolling the zombies, but only managed to get a glimpse of a tall silhouette standing before a cauldron before the scrying was cut off.

Denarch Artiopus and his men set off to join their comrades who were still trying to defend part of the city. The party urged them to stay and not throw their lives away, but when the Artiopus could not be dissuaded they simply wished him luck. Artiopus suggested they use the teleportation circle in the dockmaster’s tower in order to flee the city.

Teague let his suspicions of Khordeh be known, suspecting that the necromancer might have some hand in the fall of the city. The two bickered for some time before fetching their friends from the medics’ tents at the dockside and heading to the dockmaster’s tower. The group decided to use the portal to go to Thessalonica in Greece because it was the place the portal had last been used to travel to. Khordeh, unused to the nature of the byzantine portal had to spend some time trying to figure out how to work it. During this time Teague and Sergei set about barricading the room from the inevitable zombie attack. Eventually the zombies breached the barrier and the group had to hold them at bay while Khordeh finished opening the portal. During this time Ailsa made a miraculous recoverey and was able to help in holding off the rampaging horde. Sergei was knocked unconcious and the undead began to pour into the room just as Khordeh opened the portal. The room around them faded away as the portal activated, and the group was safely out of the city.

Conscripted in Theodosia
The Game is Afoot!

The adventure begins when a motley crew of foreigners in the city of Theodosia are drafted into service by the local Dockmaster. The assembled crew was placed under the control of Denarch Artiopus. They were to hunt down the vessel Akhed, a pirate vessel which had been raiding in the area. They would be summoned again once the vessel was located, and until that time they were free to move about the city.

Some of the crew decided it would be best to get to know each other before they were sent into battle together. Amongst this group were Khordeh Ratush, the Persian Necromancer; Teague Fallon, the Teutonic Druid; Ailsa Campell, the Scottish Ranger; and Dreoilin Reathai, the Irish Rogue.

Their first act as a group was to decide not go to the Drunken Duck, a run-down, seedy bar on the docks. Instead they decided to go to The Pike, an upscale Tavern at the end of the wharf which catered to naval officers. There they discussed their backgrounds and Dreoilin questioned Khordeh heavily on the use of phylacteries and other methods of maintaining one’s life beyond its normal limits. After being served some mediocre drinks by Cresus the barkeep, they dined on a plum cake which was exemplary. The bill presented was outrageous, but an extra charge was added due to the foreign nature of the group and Ailsa’s rudeness. The group paid their bill, but then Dreoilin was caught trying to steal from the bar, and so the group was promptly thrown out. The group then retired to Khordeh’s lodgings in the city.


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