Zombies in History

Conscripted in Theodosia

The Game is Afoot!

The adventure begins when a motley crew of foreigners in the city of Theodosia are drafted into service by the local Dockmaster. The assembled crew was placed under the control of Denarch Artiopus. They were to hunt down the vessel Akhed, a pirate vessel which had been raiding in the area. They would be summoned again once the vessel was located, and until that time they were free to move about the city.

Some of the crew decided it would be best to get to know each other before they were sent into battle together. Amongst this group were Khordeh Ratush, the Persian Necromancer; Teague Fallon, the Teutonic Druid; Ailsa Campell, the Scottish Ranger; and Dreoilin Reathai, the Irish Rogue.

Their first act as a group was to decide not go to the Drunken Duck, a run-down, seedy bar on the docks. Instead they decided to go to The Pike, an upscale Tavern at the end of the wharf which catered to naval officers. There they discussed their backgrounds and Dreoilin questioned Khordeh heavily on the use of phylacteries and other methods of maintaining one’s life beyond its normal limits. After being served some mediocre drinks by Cresus the barkeep, they dined on a plum cake which was exemplary. The bill presented was outrageous, but an extra charge was added due to the foreign nature of the group and Ailsa’s rudeness. The group paid their bill, but then Dreoilin was caught trying to steal from the bar, and so the group was promptly thrown out. The group then retired to Khordeh’s lodgings in the city.



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