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Resuscitate (Necromancy, Healing)

Cleric 5, Mystic 5

Casting time: 1 Full Action

Range: Touch

Target: Dead creature touched

Duration: CL / 3 rounds

Saving Throw: Will negates, harmless

Spell Resistance: Yes, harmless

You restore life to a recently deceased creature. The spell must be cast within Caster Level divided by five (CL/5) rounds. The target is restored to life with the same amount of hit points it had when it was killed. For example, Tordek has 1 hit point remaining. Regdar hits him with a greatsword for 16 damage, killing Tordek, whose hit points have dropped to -15. If Tordek is Resuscitated, he returns to life with negative fifteen hit points. For the duration of the spell, the target is immune to death by damage, though he is still subject to death by other means. If the target’s hit points are below -9 when the duration of the spell ends, he immediately dies and cannot be brought back to life by any means, short of direct intervention by a deity. If he survives his Resuscitation, the target must make a DC 20 Fortitude save to avoid the permanent loss of one point of Constitution.

Resuscitate only functions on a creature who has died as a result of physical damage. A creature who has been turned into an undead creature or killed by a death effect or Constitution drain can’t be raised by this spell. Constructs, elementals, outsiders, and undead creatures can’t be raised. The spell cannot bring back a creature that has died of old age.

This spell replaces Raise Dead.

Component: A diamond worth at least 500 gp.



Arcanite Weapons

Arcanite is an incredibly rare metal found only in meteorites, often associated in legend with great heroes and kings. It is innately magical, and its power resonates and amplifies when bonded to certain special gems. During the forging process it is necessary to bond any weapon created with a particular wielder. This is done by adding a drop of blood from the one who the weapon is to be bound to during a point in the smithing process. Unless so bound the weapon will be flimsy and break easily, as well as unable to utilize any gems. After it is bound the weapon can only be wielded effectively by its owner and any others attempting to do so have a non-proficiency penalty. Arcanite weapons disintegrate when the wearer dies.

Arcanite is very difficult to smith properly, and because it ios so rare few in the entire world know how to do it. Gems are much more plentiful than arcanite, though they are still rare. They look like normal gems and only show to be the special gems when near a piece of arcanite, at which point they glow slightly. Gems can be added and removed from a weapon freely, though doing so takes about 1 minute per gem as a short ritual is required to cause the weapon to release the gem.

All arcanite swords have an innate +2 bonus

Arcanite Gems

Each sword can only have one elemental and one non elemental gem.

Elemental gems all come in three sizes. Minor grants 1d6 elemental damage on all attacks not multiply in critical hits. Regular grants the bonus from minor an extra 1d10 elemental damage on critical hits. Major grants 2d6 elemental damage on all attack rolls and 2d10 elemental damage on critical. Additionally they each grant special abilities.

Fire Opal -Fire
Minor: 1/day Burning Hands- 5d4 fire damage in 10ft half circle, DC 13 Reflex half
Regular: 1/day Fiery Bolt- 5d6 fire damage range touch attack, DC 17 Reflex half
Major: 1/day Wall of Fire as the spell. CL 12 save DC 21 1/day Maximized Fireball Reflex half DC 21

Aquamarine – Ice
Minor: 1/day Frostbite- struck target takes 1d4 temp DEX damage Fortitude negates DC15
Regular: 1/day Cone of Cold- 5d6 damage in a 60ft cone Reflex half DC 17
Major: 1/day Wall of Ice CL 12 save DC21 1/day maximized Otilukes Freezing Sphere CL 15 DC 21

Tourmaline – Electric
Minor: 2/day shocking spark DC 13
Regular: 1/day lightning bolt 8d6 damage reflex half DC 17
Major: 1/day maximized chain lightning DC 21 1/day Storm Shield

Onyx – Negative
Minor: 3/day Vampric Touch, must decide to use before you roll for attack. DC 15
Regular: 1/day enervation DC18
Major: 1/week Wail of Banshee DC 21 Permanent protection from negative energy plane. Undead get a will save 21 to bypass it

Moonstone – Positive
Minor: 3/day granted smite evil as paladin ability
Regular: 1/day Heal Self (as heal but self only)
Major: 1/week storm of vengeance Wielder may Turn undead as a cleric ¼ of their level

Nonelemental Gems grant bonuses to attack and damage and overwrites (does not stack) the +2 bonus innately on the arcanite sword
Turquoise: +3
Pearl: +4
Jade: +5

Prismatic opal
The Prismatic opal is neither elemental nor nonelemntal. Unlike other gems which attach themselves to somewhere on the handle, the prismatic opal attaches itself at the weapon itself and thusly it can be a third gem in any weapon. When held near arcanite the colors begin to swirl. When gem is in a weapon and gets near a dragon the colors swirl rapidly then becomes the color of the dragon. You gain immunity to dragon fear. You can cut through a dragons breath weapon (cone only) opening a cone behind you 30 feet in length with takes no damage from the dragons breath weapon. If the dragon has a line breath weapon then you can deflect the line at an angle of 1d6×5 degrees. Also deals double damage to dragons and grants +4 to attack vs. dragons

Custom Spells, Feats, and Items

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