This is just a gathering of links to books and sources that you can and are encouraged to use. Seriously, go nuts.

The System Reference Documents

The SRD is an online collection of the Player’s Handbook, the DM Guide, the Monster Manual and Unearthed Arcana. Basically everything you need to play is in this collection.

The Singin’ Sheet

Electronic character sheet. DO NOT select a class, simply say you’re a custom class and fill in the appropriate saves/BAB etc.

Tool we plan to use

Download the latest version of Maptool (1.3b.50) and see if it runs for you. Since it is Java based it should be pretty compatible. Fool around with it, I recommend looking at some of the tutorials online (Here), they explain a lot. We will test its connectivity at a later date.

Here are books if you want/need them

Player’s Handbook

Dungeon Master’s Guide

Monster Manual

Player’s Handbook II

Book of Exalted Deeds

Book of Vile Darkness

Complete Adventurer

Complete Arcane

Complete Divine

Complete Mage

Complete Warrior

Complete Champion and Complete Scoundrel available on request over AIM, but I can’t find a download link for either.

Magic Item Compendium

Masters of the Wild

Dungeonscape available over AIM.

Races of Destiny

Races of Stone

Races of the Wild

Spell Compendium

Libris Mortis


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